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Whether you intend to visit Namibia for business or pleasure, we can assist you with obtaining the most appropriate visa for Namibia within 7-14 working days.

Visa For Namibia

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Getting a visa is a process in any country, that is why we are here to help make your visa application process hassle free by ensuring that you apply for the most appropriate visa (Tourist Visa, Business Visa or Work Visa) with all the relevant paperwork that is required.

Tourist Visa Application

Applies to individuals who only wish to visit and tour Namibia.

Business Visa Application

Applies to individuals who wish to visit Namibia for business purposes.

Employment Visa Application

Applies to individuals who wish to seek Temporary employment in Namibia.

Complimentary Services

Such as bookings for transportation from the airport and accommodation at reputable establishments in Namibia.

Effeciency Is Our Priority

we help you get your visa for namibia

Pre-planning a trip to a foreign country can be really tricky and the visa part of that planning tends to be the biggest nightmare of all. Well, not anymore. 


Non visa-exempt passport holders will need to obtain a tourist visa prior to leaving their country.

Individuals who wish to visit to Namibia with intentions of a “business nature” such as attending a conference or training course will need to obtain a business visa. 

On average, the visa application process takes 7-14 working days.

Send us an email at for a detailed summary of the visa application costs and our handling fees.

  • Airport shuttle bookings from reputable transportation companies to pick you up from the airport.
  • Accommodation bookings to ensure you reside at the utmost secure places during your stay in Namibia.

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